Good quality ready stitched Kurta-Saya-Izar sets for Ashara, majalis, regular functions available in various material listed below.

Choice of material in ready stitched Gents Kurta-Saya-Izar sets and Pehran

White Material Description Soft or
Unstitch Stitched
Material Per/mtr (Rs) Kurta Saya Izar (Rs) Kurta Saya only (Rs) Pehran
/ Kurta
Cs Plain White Cotton, Easy iron Soft 80 1450 1200 600
Gs Premium Plain White Cotton, Easy iron Soft 100 1700 1400 700
Hd Mild Self Design White Cotton, Easy iron Soft - 1700 - -
Ju Jute White Cotton, Easy iron Soft - 1650 - -
Li Premium Cotton with Elegant Mild Linings Soft 110 1700 - -
Qk Light-weight Plain White Permanent Self Starch Lon Cotton Starch 120 - 1550 780
Wk High Quality Plain Pure White Permanent Self Starch Starch 180 - 2100 1100
Xk High Quality Small Checks White Permanent Self Starch Starch 180 - 2100 1100
  • All our fabrics are irritation free, even the ones that are starched. White ones are pure white, not off-white or bluish white.
  • See our readymade size chart here. Or get custom stitched.
  • Makkhi in any colour at Rs 220 extra. Msg us to see our Makki colour chart.
  • We also make embroidery, colour, printed, lining, checks Kurta-Saya-Izar & Cuff Kurta-Pajama.
  • Excellent stitching, mobile pocket, removable button patti.
  • Kurta, Saaya, Izar, Pehran have pockets both sides.
  • XXL kurta sizes  44 & 46  have Kali (+ Rs 50 on Kurta,  + Rs 50 on Pehran,  + Rs 100 on Set)
  • If ezar is not required, Rs 250 less. Susi pyjama two qualities: Rs 350, Rs 400.
  • Whatsapp / call us if you have any questions.

For Kurta Saaya Pajama with light or heavy embroidery work - click here.

Some sample pics below.

Makkhi on Kurta+Saya rates:

  • Single Half Makkhi: Rs 200
  • Single Full Makkhi: Rs 350
  • Double Half Makhi: Rs 400
  • Double Full Makki: Rs 550